Friday, November 5, 2010

I hate essays.

Sorry for not posting for a while guys, but I've been busy at school and such.
Shit sucks.
Which brings me to my next rant.
I hate papers.
Like, I'm majoring in Graphic Design so currently, all my classes are graphic design classes.
And for two of my classes I had to write papers.
English was my worst subject in high school, and that hasn't changed in college.
I totally just didn't turn in one paper, luckily, I'm still getting a B in the class.
But I really dislike writing.
Which is funny because I'm writing for a blog right now, huh?
Oh well, what's your guys' worst subject and why?


  1. writing is amazing, got a minor in english haha

  2. I hated essays also >.<
    I like photography way much more :D :D
    you can say everything with a single well created picture :D :D

  3. mine was math. simply because 98% of what they were teaching me my senior year in high school was completely inapplicable in my life >.<

  4. just finished school and wont have to write another essay in my life

  5. mine is english also , hate it....

  6. I hear you, I hate essays too bro

  7. I always sucked at writing book reports.

  8. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  9. my worst subject is Physics, I freakin suck at it